Fans remain hopeful after Tigers lose in Autozone Liberty Bowl

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It wasn’t the wave of a win that kept tiger fans uplifted but rather the promise of a bright future ahead.

"I’m looking forward to next year riding high go tigers," Tiger fan Brent Gaia said.

Despite fumbles, bad calls and losing to Iowa State by one in a close game.

"Its almost there we just didn’t get it today," Gaia said.

Fans say the tough loss just echoes whats yet to come for the team.

"We got the coach our team is coming back," Drew Sampson said. "We are headed up."

This go around the Tigers had the home field advantage and the chance to make history but in a game of inches, the team fell short.

"Fifty-nine years in the liberty bowl and we have never played it. I was worried, were they trying too hard for the home team. Is it too much pressure," Sampson said.

Fans say overall its been a solid season and upcoming seasons will be even better.

"We bleed blue and gray in this city period win or lose its part of the city," Sampson said.

Even though the Cyclones spiraled onto Tiger turf fans say no one clashed.

"We were at the game for half the game. It got cold so we left we were surprised at how many Iowa fans came, they were nice," Andrew Hinson said.

A bit of friendly competition in the stadium for the sold-out game.

"It was 50/50 in the stadium made it really exciting," Gaia said.

Win or lose fans say their loyalty remains and it runs deep.

"All day every day go tigers. Go Memphis baby," Zachary Brigman said.

Its been a few years since the team won a bowl game but as many fans told me there's always next year.