Family in second week without heat ahead of cold snap

ROBINSONVILLE, Miss. — As the Mid-South gears up for subzero wind chills this weekend, a Tunica County woman is worried she and her family could freeze to death in their own home.

Anna Green says she's been without heat for the past two weeks at the Buck Island Manufactured Home Community in Robinsonville.

Green said her heating system's motor began malfunctioning December 15 and so management told her to keep the heat off.

She's been doing that but worries about the toll it's taking on her 10-year-old daughter, three cats, dog and two ferrets, which she said spend the day curled up in balls trying to keep warm.

"We have the fireplace, which below freezing temperatures does not work. It heats maybe just this little space right here. My daughter is locked in her room with a tiny space heater," said Green.

Green has also been without running water since Wednesday when her pipes froze.

She said maintenance workers left a hole in her bathroom exposing her home to the elements outside in their attempt to fix the pipes.

Friday morning, a pipe ruptured, flooding her bathroom with about a quarter-inch of water.

WREG stopped by the leasing office Friday afternoon. Our crew heard voices inside, but no one answered the door.

Others residents WREG spoke to said they hadn't had any issues with water or heating.