City opens warming center

MEMPHIS Tenn. - - As we head into dangerously cold temperatures this weekend, the city is offering help to those who need it. A warming center has been set up at the Benjamin Hooks Central Library.

The city certainly doesn't want anyone freezing to death as we go through this cold weekend. That's why the center is open to anyone who needs it.

It's located at 3030 Poplar Ave. If you can't get there, just call 901-636-2525 and the city will arrange to have MATA pick you up. Do not call MATA directly. Call that number.

The warming center opened earlier tonight. It will close at 8 am tomorrow and open up again at 6 pm. At that point, it will stay open until 8 am Tuesday.

Local pastor Deandre Brown hopes people in need will take this opportunity seriously. He says this is no time to be too proud to ask for help.

"Having a need does not make you a bad person, and if your life is in danger, it makes more sense to get the help that you do need as opposed to allowing your pride to put you in danger," Pastor Brown says.

A number of private organizations are setting up as warming centers this weekend too. For example, Club Memphis in Orange Mound.