Arkansas friends fighting after one cashes in $300k scratch off alone

Courtesy of the Arkansas Lottery

STUTTGART, Ark. — Money changes people. That’s what one waitress was told, but she didn’t believe it until now.

According to KARK, Stuttgart waitresses Leslie Underwood and Mandy Vanhouten were given several Arkansas lottery tickets by their boss as part of an annual holiday tradition. He told them anything they won would be split between the two friends and they both reportedly agreed.

Several minutes later, Vanhouten scratched off a $300,000 ticket.

They agreed to claim the money in the new year, then began talking about what they wanted to do with it, Underwood said. Vanhouten reportedly stated she wanted to use it to give back to others, but unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that generosity was extended to her best friend.

Several days later, Underwood discovered Vanhouten had cashed in the ticket alone. Since that day, Vanhouten has not shown up for work or called her friend back, she added.

Another co-worker, Haley Johnson, told KARK Vanhouten should live up to her end of the deal.

“Things have been a little hectic around here since that happened. I would think you’d have the courtesy to at least split it like you were supposed to instead of just claiming it all for yourself, saying you needed it more than she did.”

In all the excitement, Underwood admitted she did not sign the back of the ticket, thinking the two friends would be going to cash it in together.

She said she plans on taking legal action if necessary.