How to weatherize your home this winter

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Here are a few ways to prepare your home for below normal temperatures for $50 or less.

Many may be wondering why this is even important.

Midtown Hardware store clerk Ben Wilburn says it’s quite simple.

“A lot of people wonder that themselves. ‘Why should I do this? Why should I go through the trouble?’ The biggest thing is the difference you are going to see on your MLGW bill,” Wilburn said.

And you’d be surprised how far $50 dollars can take you.

Wilburn says residents should first remove any attached houses from outside faucets. This helps to keep them from bursting or freezing any water left inside.

If you have any exposed faucets and pipes you’ll want to get a pipe insulator, $4,  and a faucet protector, $2, to shield it from the wind. You can also use pool noodle, an old wool sock and duck tape to get the job done.

Wilburn and MLGW suggest you close all vents that might let in any cold air in.

A lot of times windows and doors will have gaps or cracks.

Wilburn and MLGW also suggest using any variety of weatherstrip, which ranges from $2 to $7, insulation kits, caulking or insulation foam to seal those up.

Using an old rolled up towel at the base of the door or window will also help.

Another cost-effective way is to shut the blinds at night and on cloudy days and open it up on sunny days.