Does It Work: Night Angel

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Nightlights help guide you through darkness, but sometimes they block your outlets. In this week's 'Does It Work' we are testing a product that could give you back both outlets.

Need a little light to find your way?

The Night Angel claims to transform any outlet to a convenient night light without having to cover up any of your sockets, but 'Does It Work?'

Kathleen Carroll is in the market for a nightlight to shed light on her floors.

"I have a bad eye. When I get up in the darkness, I have to carry a flashlight," Carroll said.

Even though Carroll is retired, her dog Pete still gets up before the crack of dawn to head outside.

"A lighted pathway is important to me so I don't trip over and fall and injure my dog or myself," Carroll said.

She currently uses a plug that is so big that it takes up both plugs.

Which is why the Night Angel caught her eye, since it doesn't block the both plugs.

It lights your way at night but leaves both outlets free so you can plug in what you need.

"It's very sleek. It's nothing like the light that I already have, which is big and bulky," Carroll said.

According to the instructions, before you remove your outlet you have to cover the plate that you need in order to turn off the power from your circuit board panel.

"I don't like that," Carroll said. "You're shutting power off to the entire house. To the entire room."

Carroll headed outside to the circuit panel and shut off the power to that section of the house.

"Nowhere on the outside of that box does it say that you have to shut the power off to the room," Carroll said.

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Now that the power is off, Carroll removed the outlet cover and inserted the Night Angel into the socket and screwed it into place.

She then turned the power back on to see if the device works.

"All of this just for popping in a light switch," Carroll said.

Carroll walked in front of the Night Angel, which is activated by a motion detector.

"It's not lighting up. Do I need to be closer?" Carroll asked.

To ensure the outlet was truly powered, we plugged in her Christmas tree just to make sure the tree lit up instantly.

The Night Angel did not come on at all.

"The Night Angel, we have to say goodnight to it," Carroll said.

The Night Angel failed the 'Does It Work' test.

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