1,000 without water for days in Arkansas towns

LAKE VIEW, Ark. — Relief may finally be in sight for about 1,000 people in Phillips County who have been without running water for the last six days.

An aging city water pump failed last Thursday, shutting off water for the 700 or so people who live in Lake View as well as hundreds more in unincorporated Oneida, according to Lake View Mayor Darrin Davis.

But Davis said the city is hoping to have the issue resolved by Thursday evening.

“The water just all of a sudden went off,” said resident Rick McColgan.

McColgan said the lack of water has forced him to rethink even the simplest of tasks.

“You never know about that until you miss it. No showers, washing your dishes,” McColgan said.

Townsfolk have been able to fill up water containers at two portable water tanks parked outside Lake View City Hall.

One, the mayor said, was provided by the Arkansas National Guard. Another one came from a neighboring town.

Bottled water is also available.

“People come by to fill up their jugs and when they run out, they bring another truckload up here,” said Leon Phillips.

McColgan said he has been depending on a nearby truck stop for showers.

For other water needs, he’s turned to the lake in his backyard.

“But it’s just an inconvenience for somebody like me because now I have to replace a bunch of stuff in my dialysis machine because that water had a boil warning on it,” he said.