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Pass It On: A truck driver receives help

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In tonight's "Pass It On" our recipient needs a heart transplant and finds out he has a big support team behind him.

It was a hot summer morning when WREG met up with our play maker Gene Landeros.

"Charlie was a truck driver for many years. He retired from the trucking business for health reasons. The main reason was his heart. He's on the list for a new heart to be transplanted. In the mean time, his medical bills are piling up. He got his card skimmed while making a purchase and they drained his bank account," said Landeros of his friend, Charlie Brock.

Things are not going well for Charlie, but that's about to change. I distributed the $300 from WREG, $300 from a generous donor and $140 from two strangers at Chick Fil A.

Aside from the medical issues, we happen to know that our recipient has a more immediate problem. This 25-year-old air conditioning unit is not working.

There's no money available to replace it.

So Gene and I swung into action.

Our play maker gene wasted no time counting the money.

This is just not "Pass It On" today. This is "Pass It On Plus."

"This guy right here doesn't work for Channel 3. He's not a cameraman. This is Devin from Greenway. President of Greenway Home Services. I hear you've had a rough time here lately, and on top of that your air conditioner has been out. Well sir, we're here to take care of that today. After today you're going to have some cool air," said Tim Simpson.

It takes a few minutes for it to sink in.

Matter of fact, Charlie can't believe it.

"They gave you $1600 plus a new air conditioner," said Landeros.

This group from Greenway posed

Charlie's heart pump keeps his heart going until there's a donor heart available.

His new AC unit courtesy of Greenway will keep cool air flowing.

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