Byhalia father seeks answers after roof caves in mobile home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Byhalia father is speaking out after a roof fell in dangerously close to his toddler, and he is not alone.

Other residents are not happy with the mobile home park's avoidance of major issues.

The close call prompted a Grove Cayce resident to call WREG.

"They won't fix anything, but they want their rent on time," said Quinton Bryson.

The resident said his ceiling gave in just feet away from his 3-year-old, leaving the little boy screaming in fear early Saturday morning.

Bryson says he's just flat out tired of the lagging.

"Six months ago, I told them my window broke out," Bryson said. Every time I go up there, they tell me they are going to fix it, and now it's cold outside. My electricity bill is high, because I have to use more heat because air is coming in."

He says even when he dials the emergency line to go get help, the phone just rings.

WREG tried to see if we could get anyone on the phone for answers, but no one would pick up.

"We've been getting messed over and over by three different managers. We're just spending money. Throwing money out the window basically," said Bryson.

The resident says since he's been calling the mobile park home, there seems to be a rotating door of managers and things aren't getting fixed or finished.

Meanwhile residents are stuck.

He says he doesn't want to move, but he wants things to change.

"Make it look like the pictures you post on Facebook. Don't just false advertise to get us over here and then don't own up to your part," said Bryson.

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