Brother Juniper’s switches out breakfast menu for free Christmas feast to those in need

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It’s the season of giving back and one of Memphis’ favorite breakfast spots is playing a big role in that.

Between the music, presents and mouth-watering food, it sure looked a lot like Christmas at Brother Juniper’s on Monday.

“It’s wonderful," said Franklin Beam, who works at the Warrior Center.

It was the restaurant’s 30th year of welcoming anyone in need to celebrate with them and have a free feast.

“Just an open house to the whole neighborhood," said Brother Juniper's Co-owner Patrick Koplin.

Instead of their typical breakfast menu, they offer a traditional Christmas meal with turkey, ham, stuffing, dessert and more.

Volunteers come from all over to donate gifts, entertain the guests and serve food.

“I love it," said Larry Bomar, who's been volunteering for 29 years there. "I’m glad we can do it.”

Bomar said this was the busiest year he's seen in awhile.

“This is actually my favorite part of Christmas," said Koplin. "Believe it or not, as a kid it was opening the presents and as you get older, you realize there are more important things in the world and this is what I look forward to every year.”

For some, it was their first time being there for Christmas.

“I was very honored to meet four or five people that I’ve seen on the street or in transition that I haven’t seen in awhile, so it was a nice homecoming," said Beam.

The event’s mainly based on word of mouth.

The current owners said they took over this tradition from the last people who owned Brother Juniper’s, making it 30 years of giving back on Christmas.