Batesville woman searching for daughter’s killer after 11 years

BATESVILLE, Miss. —  A Batesville, Mississippi woman was shot just steps away from her children in 2006 and on Christmas Day, the killer is still on the run.

"I saw my sister running and crying, she was laying over the car, I knew it was bad."

Penny Miliam got a phone call that no parent should ever get — that her daughter was dead.

In 2006, her daughter, 28-year old Jamie Miliam, was gunned down outside her front door at an apartment complex. Inside that apartment were Miliam's three young children, waiting for their mother to come home. She never made it.

Miliam's mother remembers that night like it was yesterday.

"I went to running, up to there, and somebody tried to stop me, they wouldn't let me get to her, I was trying to get to her, I could see her, I was telling her, Jamie get up baby, come on and get up.

"One officer, I don't know who he was, but he told me, you don't want to go up there. And he held me."

Officers say the gunman was hiding in some bushes near Miliam's apartment building.

"I went up and got my grandchildren, I picked them up and carried them to the car."

Not only did she have to deal with the death of her own child, but she also had the responsibility of raising three small children and explaining to her grandchildren what happened to their mother

"Jamie`s oldest son, said, 'Grandmommy , let's go the hospital where my mommy at,' he said, 'she got shot in the arm.' I said naw baby, she didn't get shot in the arm, I said your momma gone."

In the last decade, Batesvile police have questioned several people in connection with Milam's murder but no one has been charged. Chief McCloud says they wont stop until Miliam's killer is behind bars.

"Just because you have been going for eleven, don't think that you're free, because this is going to follow you, this is going to be with you."

If you know who killed Jamie Miliam call the Batesville Police Department at 662-563-5653. All calls are confidential.