Family plans to open domestic violence shelter in Panola County

POPE, Miss. — Today makes one year since a Pope Mississippi family lost their loved ones.

For the Williams family time doesn’t heal all wounds but mending their hearts through helping others might just help piece their family back together.

“They were kinda the glue that kept us all together so now we are just pretty separated,” Allison Williams said.

Allison says her mother in law Pam Williams was shot and killed by her husband Cooper Williams as she worked her route as a US postal worker in Pope.

“Today makes a year around this time is when I arrived at the crime scene,” Allison said.

Williams was in the process of divorcing her husband who the family says had mental issues that he relied on alcohol to cope with.

On a normal working day they say Williams wouldn’t have even crossed paths with Cooper Williams on her shift but on that somber day in December she was forced to deliver mail to their once shared home.

“She told me once a week for the 7 months that she lived with me that he was going to kill her and told me how and where,” Allison said.

Then this daughter in law says just two days before Christmas her worst nightmare came true.

“I got a call that she had been shot and kiled then he turned the rifle and shot himself,” Allison said.

According to witnessess Cooper Williams hopped in his truck blocked his wife at her next stop and shot point blank into her mail truck before she could try to get away.

Instead of wallowing in the pain this family has teamed up with Jake Julian who founded the Batesville Safe Shelter.

Through the partnership they are finding purpose in their pain.

“Then I found the shelter and realized I think that is what I am supposed to do I am supposed to be there for other women,” Allison said.

Turning a tragic tale into a beacon of light for others.

Hosanna church donated land for the shelter and at least $12,000 dollars has been raised, but theres still work to be done before the dream is complete.

“We will need close to 80 thousand dollars to get electricity plumbing and the building built,” Allison said.

And even though the family won’t ever get their loved one back they’ve got their sights set on saving lives.

“I want people to realize domestic violence is an epidemic and especially during December there are so many people who are beaten violently every second of everyday,” Allison said.

Jake Julian and the family want to bring a shelter to Panola County because right now they say domestic violence victims must count on shelters in Memphis or Tunica if they are in need.