Cordova community waiting for city leaf pick-up since Thanksgiving

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Countrywood area resident Anne Boyd contacted WREG for help after bags of leaves sat unattended on her Cordova street for six weeks.

She and her neighbor Kimberly Sexton say they’re ideal citizens; people who city officials should want living in Memphis.

“Were a proud and happy neighborhood,” Sexton said. “We just moved here a couple years ago. We wanna keep it pretty keep the yard looking good.”

But they don’t think the city cares as much as they do.

“These leaves have been out here since Thanksgiving. Now they’re all wet and nasty with bugs, snakes, and spiders,” Sexton said.

“Anytime we get anything picked up we have to call, beg and plead. This time we begged and pleaded and got no results,” Boyd said.

Trash cans on the street had been recently emptied, proving city services attend to Loxley Fairway. But residents said the crews wouldn’t touch their bags of leaves.

“I flagged them down and said, ‘Aren’t you going to pick up our bags? They said, ‘Oh no, the scoop truck will have to come and get those,’” Boyd said.

They said they’d called 311 countless times. Boyd even showed us her hand-written confirmation number from the latest inquiry.

They were hoping for maybe some Christmas magic.

“I do have relatives coming in today,” Sexton said.

But, they’re now afraid the city isn’t going to give them the gift they need.

“We have kids who want to come out and play. But there are just too many leaves,” Sexton said.

“It looks like you live in a town that doesn’t care because they won’t pick up the leaves. We all pay taxes. We deserve to have our street looking nice,” Boyd said.

WREG has contacted the city about the issues on Loxley Fairway.

City officials say one complaint was filed since Thanksgiving, in mid-December.

They tell us this is peak season for leaf pickup and customers may experience delays.

They say people can choose to drop their leaf bags off for no extra charge at the city yard.

That’s at 304 Collins Street Monday to Saturday from 8-4.

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