Drivers dodge flooded roads in DeSoto County

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss.-- Water rushed furiously through a swollen ditch near Highway 51 and Goodman Road Friday afternoon.

Nearby, Horn Lake Creek threatened to topple its banks.

Drivers kept their guard up as the rain continued to hammer down.

"We've just come through Malone over. There's eight or nine bad standing spots down through there," said Roxanne Kilpatrick.

Nesbit Road.

At times, the deluge posed serious risks and almost caused accidents.

"To get here, we had the big old floodwater all the way over there. Had to pull in the oncoming traffic to dodge it," said a man who identified himself as Junior.

But there was no dodging a road block on Nesbit Road, where a drainage pipe was lifted through the asphault.

Officials had to close the whole stretch of road to traffic.

"So much water pressure has pushed the culvert out from underneath the road, just with all the rain we've had in the last couple of days," said Thomas Marshall, who lives in the area.

"There's a lot of limbs down, a lot of hidden waters off the side of the road. Just some places that you wouldn't think of," Marshall said.

"We been seeing a whole bunch of really preposterous things going on because it's just ridiculous -- it's just ridiculous how really the flood is just really taking over," said Sanchez Thomas.

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