Two men recovering after shooting near University of Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn.  — Two men are recovering tonight after a shooting near the University of Memphis campus early Saturday morning, and the shooter is still on the run.

The 24-year-old victim is in stable condition but he's still in the intensive care unit. His 22-year-old cousin was also shot — he's now out of the hospital and walked WREG through those terrifying moments.

"His intent was to kill us because we saw his face." the victim said, holding back tears and in fear of his safety. "It was scary."

WREG is not identifying the 22-year-old.
He and his 24-year-old cousin were walking on Mynders Avenue and Brister near U of M late around 1 a.m. Saturday when a man walked up asked them if they were U of M students.
They said no and things took a turn for the worse.

"The guy turned around and turned back around at us with the gun pointed at my cousin's chest and he said, 'Give me everything you got.'"

He says they told the crook they didn't have anything and tried to get away from the man before there was a tussle.

"The guy was staggering backwards just firing his gun. ... I was shot right below my wrist, I was shot in the elbow and he missed the back of my head."

His cousin was shot in the nose, his neck and leg.

"He's in the trauma center, face full of blood, got a tube down his throat, he's on the ventilator, bullet in his neck, bullet in his face," said family member Marvel Bandy. "Just last night I found out he had another bullet in his leg that was removed."

Bandy has a message for the shooters and their family:

"Do a better job of raising your kids, do a better job of raising them to go out and work hard and if you want money that bad, go to college or get a trade," said Bandy.  "Do something where you don't have to result to murder and killing to feed yourself and your family."

Bandy told WREG they forgive the shooter but they still want justice. They would like U of M to put out a reward to catch the shooter since this happened so close to campus.
In the meantime, the victim says the get-away car is a white Pontiac with the front bumper hanging.
If you can help, call police.