Attorneys fail to negotiate plea deal for Holly Bobo defendant, judge sets second deadline

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A judge set a second and final deadline for Dylan Adams’ attorneys to negotiate a plea deal in the Holly Bobo case.

“If a plea is not reached, that is it,” said the judge.

The next hearing is set for January 22 at 11:00 a.m.

A judge set a second deadline after Dylan Adams and his attorneys failed to negotiate a plea deal in court Monday afternoon.

Two things could happen at the next court hearing. Dylan Adams could take a plea deal and there is no trial or he doesn’t and  his trial moves forward.

Adams is charged with murder and kidnapping in the disappearance and death of Holly Bobo more than six years ago.

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His brother, Zach, is already serving a life sentence in the case.

As they prepare for another holiday without her, Bobo’s family and friends say they’re ready for justice to be done.

“It’s difficult, but we’re making progress in the case. That’s very encouraging,” said the family’s Pastor Don Franks.

If Adams doesn’t take a plea deal, his trial will begin in May.

He faces up to 51 years in prison if he’s convicted.

The judge gave both sides about four hours to sit down and try to work out a plea agreement on Thursday, Dec. 14. They came back without a deal but said they’re making substantial progress.

WREG will be live from Hardin County Court for today’s hearing.