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Crime Alert: Suspect wanted in expensive Air Jordan burglary

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of dollars worth of Nike Jordan's were swiped out of a semi-truck in Southeast Memphis.

Tonight, the community is trying to help Memphis police solve the crime.

Police have received several pictures from Facebook showing people with the Air Jordan's who are trying to sell them.

Investigators are now taking a closer look at the photos as well. They are also keeping a close eye on resale website, like Facebook and Marketplace, to see if any of the shoes show up on there.

Freddie Johnson is what some may call a sneaker enthusiast. His weakness, Air Jordan's.

"I have all different kinds. Some came out recently. Some came out a long time ago, and I still got them. I like collecting them," said Johnson.

That same collection can be found in many closets in Memphis. Johnson's friends have dozen's of Jordan's themselves. "They have a lot of pairs 15 to 20 of them. They can't wait to get them as soon as they get their paychecks," said Johnson.

That is why many people aren't surprised to hear a semi-truck parked at a warehouse on Concorde was broken into last week. The thief reportedly snatched 38 pairs of red Jordan's with white soles, valued at $7,300.

Police say it's likely the thief will sell them if they haven't already.

"As always, when there is a demand people are going to do what they need to make an extra buck," said Johnson.

Detectives told WREG they were sent several pictures of people trying to sell Jordan's or posing next to a stack of them. Police are now trying to find out if there is any connection.

"They don't want to work, but they want to look good," said Johnson.

Johnson says it's basic economics. The demand is there, but people are just looking for the supply at the cheapest price. "I'm not surprised if people are going to that extreme."

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