Four women charged in Forrest City beating

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FORREST CITY, Ark. — Four women are in jail after a violent street fight in Forrest City.

Stan Landrum can't believe that just yards away from his home on Robinson Street - the pavement turned into a boxing ring on Saturday just before midnight.

"When I was a kid you would fight one day, the next day you were back to being friends. It's not like that anymore. They want to keep going and then pull out guns and start shooting," said Landrum.

Five women, all in there twenties, were fighting on the street as a crowd gathered to watch.

"Whoever this young lady is, I hope she's okay. The violence needs to stop," said Landrum. "Thinking it's cool to watch a lot of innocent women getting hurt over and over is nonsense.  I don't know what it was over, but whatever it was over is not worth it."

Spectators didn't appear to do anything to stop the beating. In fact, it wasn't until police arrived that the jabs finally stopped and the victim, Kemma Foy, was found at the center of the fight.

"I just don't understand it," said Landrum.

No one really understand it - except for those involved, and they're not talking.

Jordan Winkfield, Alexis Lucas, Jamecia Robinson and Chakayla Davenport are now facing several charges, including battery, engaging in criminal activity and making terroristic threats.

According to police, Robinson told them it wasn't over and as soon as she got out of jail the group would be back to finish what they started.

Landrum says he has two daughter and knows firsthand the damage that can be done when arguments turn violent.

"When my oldest daughter was in school, she got in a fight. A young lady hit her in the face with a brick and busted her right eye. It could have put her eye out," said Landrum.

In the future, he hopes everyone involved will find a better way to settle their differences.

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