Does It Work: The Tree Dazzler

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Geneva Sanders loves the holiday season.

"Getting your family together. Everyone just gathering, eating, just having fun, partying and everything like that."

But when it comes to stringing lights on her Christmas tree, she said the whole endeavor often proves to be too frustrating.

"Bought a pre-lit tree last year. That was very easy for me," she said.

Sanders passed the tree along to her mother this year, so she's back to square one. That's why she agreed to help WREG's Corie Ventura put the Tree Dazzler to the test.

The advertisement said all you have  to do is place the ring over the top of your tree then the Christmas lights hang vertically. It came with eight strands of lights with eight led bulbs on each strand. Plus a three-button clicker that allows you to cycle through colors and patterns.

Sanders grabbed a step ladder and placed the ring over her seven-foot tree allowing the lights to fall vertically. Once set, she was able to adjust the strands just the way she wanted them. Stringing traditional lights normally took her 30 to 40 minutes, but the Tree Dazzler took mere seconds.

It was then time to plug it in and check it out.

"It works," Sanders said. "I like that the wiring is green. Because it blends into the tree. Very pretty."

She cycled through all the color options and light patterns. From solid lights to shimmer then to the show. All looked amazing and truly transformed her tree without having to hassle or fuss over tangled lights.

"Less stressful, less messy. It's easy."

Tree Dazzler, you passed the Does It Work test.

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