Authorities searching for evidence at Stateline, Highway 301

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Authorities in Desoto County are actively searching a plot of land near Stateline Road and Highway 301 after receiving a tip that evidence from a crime may be located in the area.

Tonight, as the activity off of Stateline Road is winding down, the questions and rumors about what happened are just starting up.

Detectives with the Southaven Police Department spent the day searching, using a metal detector and a K-9 to scour the fields, but what exactly they're looking for has yet to be announced.

Patricia Carpenter, like many others, wants to know what is going on.

"Of course I think someone or something is back there," said Carpenter. "Whether it happened recently, I don't know."

Neighbors told our crew, officers drained a pond on the property early Tuesday morning.  By the time our crew arrived, the crime scene tape was up and multiple flags had been placed at the bottom of the pond about 20 feet from the road. They were also searching the area using metal detectors.

"They won't tell us anything. I stopped by two or three times, but they won't say anything, except for 'there is a police investigation going on," said Carpenter.

She is hopeful more information will be released soon. "This is a bad time of year for a lot of this to happen, but a lot of it does. I hope it's better than I'm suspecting," said Carpenter.

Sources wouldn't reveal the nature of the crime, but said local citizens are not in any danger.