Shelby County Officers help those in need with Operation Blue Christmas

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The holidays can be magical for some, but there might not be much under the Christmas tree for those who are going through tough times.

That is where the Shelby County Sheriff's Office and the Boll Weevils Charity comes in by helping to bring joy to unsuspecting people today for Operation Blue Christmas.

"Here with Operation Blue Christmas we are hoping to find some deserving families that need a little help with Christmas this year," said Floyd Bonner, Deputy Chief with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. "If there is a need, then we try to take care of that need."

"What appears to be a traffic stop turns into a plethora of gifts," said Todd Brown, President Secret Order of Boll Weevils.

One woman in particular received Christmas gifts that she can give to her children during the holidays.

"She mentioned that her son borrowed a Playstation so that he could play some video games, and her daughter always has to go through the clearance rack. She's kind of down on her luck," said Brown.

"We have gift cards for you and your daughters, since you give back and volunteer all the time. Maybe its time somebody gives back to you" said Brown as he spoke to the mother.

"I like helping people, so I'm not used to seeing people flag me down and offer me gifts," said the unsuspecting mom.  "I'm going to have some very happy kids on Christmas morning."