Police investigating latest sexual assault at University of Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are investigating another sexual assault that took place over the weekend at the University of Memphis.

“It is scary,” said sophomore Sarah Mufti. “I think it’s something that’s always been going on, but there’s just light being put on it now.”

Since Thanksgiving, there have been two cases of sexual assault reported at University of Memphis dorms.

In both cases, police said the victim knew the suspect.

Students received an alert about the latest incident over the weekend. It was reported to university police at the South Hall dorms on Saturday afternoon and Memphis police are also helping with the investigation.

Advocates say they don’t think sexual assault is necessarily happening more but is starting to be reported more.

“Someone who’s been hurt has spoken up, which is a big part of the effort the last several years around campuses,” said Deborah Clubb with the Memphis Area Women’s Council.

Students say although it takes place all over, the recent handful of reports can hurt Memphis’ image.

“Sexual assault is a really bad thing and anybody who’s coming to Memphis, it’s like, ‘Oh man, I don’t want my school to be like that,'” said student Mohammed Basma.

He said he hopes every victim will speak up and people won’t try to blame them or not believe them.

“It might not always be true, but you never know, you should always act like it is true before you try to say it’s not,” said Basma.

Many students also said it’s important to keep having these conversations about sexual assault and support those impacted by it.

“I think it’s great,” said Mufti. “I think stuff like that’s always been pushed under the rug and always kind of not talked about and it’s really nice to see a dialogue happening.”

An arrest hasn’t been made in this latest case.

We are still waiting for the report to be finalized to get more information.

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