Store owner back in business after shootout

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A Boost Mobile store in Whitehaven didn’t miss a beat after last night's shooting that left a man in the hospital.

Customers say they feel safe because it seems employees won’t cut corners when it comes to protecting them.

Rushing in with guns blazing, surveillance video shows a customer barely making it out without having to dodge bullets.

"They were just talking about how it was scary, and they fought back," Yanikka Keys said.

Keys says that’s all people were talking about when she stopped by the nearby nail shop.

"They were right next door when everything was happening," Keys said.

Keys says nail shop owners heard the gunshots that rang out just before closing on Friday.

Just before six customers inside the business had to head to the back of the shop to take cover.

Keys says that’s ridiculous.

"It’s just some stupid stuff they do around Christmas time where everyone is trying to get some stuff resale it," Keys said

In the video, the men rush in, but they dash out even quicker because the person behind the counter pulled his gun and started shooting back.

"If someone just comes in shooting what are you going to do?," Keys said.

"If someone comes in threatening your life you are going to do something."

The store employee was shot, but he’s okay.

Keys says she doesn’t blame him for firing back and protecting himself.

"Almost everyone has a gun better believe they are going to protect themselves," Keys said.

The duo didn’t get away with anything but now that they know employees are packing chances are they won’t be back.

The first suspect was wearing a white jacket and red jogging pants the other suspect was dressed in all black.

If you know anything call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.