Police search for suspect who nearly beat disabled man to death

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just days before vanishing, Mary Jackson says her grandson Tremane Smith sat across the table from her with his son and blew out candles to celebrate Little Tre's birthday.

"When he didn't come home, that was Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday I called the police. Nobody saw him until yesterday," said Jackson.

She says Smith was active despite his disabilities. He loved walking to the library, and he never missed a church service.

"That's why I knew something happened to him, because he never missed church, never," said Jackson.

According to Jackson, Smith gave his life to Christ after surviving a brush with death back in 2014 when he was shot in the head and survived.

"The men or whoever did this to my grandson, I want them to know you won't get away with it," Jackson said. "God knows, and he sees everything."

This grandmother says all she wants for Christmas is closure.

"I already lost three sons, and now it's my grandson. He's fighting for his life," Jackson said. "I want them to come forward tell the truth what happened to my grand baby. Why did they do this to him?"

Smith was found behind a store. He didn't have any shoes on, and his family says Smith was in bad shape when he was police found him in the pouring rain.

Right now he's on life support.

If you know anything call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.