Son charged after woman forcefully taken from home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A missing grandmother is back home tonight after police say her own son drove over 200 miles to take against her will.

Jonathon Hale is in jail tonight on assault charges, and a City Watch alert that was issued for his mother has been cancelled.

The City Watch alert was issued for two women who were reportedly forced into a car and haven't been seen since.

Georgia Jackson and Charmeka Mitchell were in the 5100 block of Twin Woods when Johnathon Hale reportedly forced them into a 2013 Dodge Avenger late Tuesday evening.

"He opened the door, and he pushed her in and shoved her in," said Adrienne Hale, the victim's daughter.

Hale painted the picture of what occurred when her mother was taken from her home. She said her brother, Jonathon Hale, drove in from Nashville and took off with their mother Georgia Jackson.

"She was confused. She hasn't seen him in a while," said Hale.

Hale's mother, Georgia Jackson is schizophrenic, bi-polar and has Alzheimers disease. She's also diabetic and must take medicine, but Hale says it was left behind when her brother sped away from Memphis and head towards Nashville.

"He held everyone hostage. He took everyone's phone. It was 6 or 7 people here," said Hale.

Hale says her brother was recently released from prison and took their mother after beating his girlfriend and making threats towards her and others in the home.

"He started hollering in my face, dragged me in the kitchen and threw my phone and cracked the screen," said Hale.

She says the whole ordeal rattled her peace of mind, because she was initially happy to see her brother when he arrived at her home.

After 24 hours of waiting and worrying--Jackson is back home--safe with Hale.

"Police knocked on my door about 5 a.m. and told me they found my mother," said Hale.

She says police found her mother sleeping in the back of the car after Jonathon Hale ran out of gas en route to Nashville. "The way he went about doing it he did it was the wrong way," said Hale.

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