Mother wants answers after daughter says she was touched inappropriately on school bus

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother wants answers after she says her 8-year-old was touched inappropriately by two students on a West Memphis school bus.

This all happened yesterday morning before the students were dropped off at Faulk Elementary School.

Monique Miller, the mother of the third grade child, says she feels like the principal at Faulk Elementary School was giving her the run around, so she contacted police.

The 8-year-old student says two boys touched her private parts while they were riding the school bus Tuesday morning another student told the boys to do it.

"She had two boys rubbing on me while I was sleep. She said when I woke up they were moving their hands from in between my legs and my butt, and they were under the seat," said the third grade student.

Miller's mother says her daughter told the bus driver and the principal at Faulk Elementary School after it happened, but she has not heard from a school official.

"I want to know why I didn't get a phone call and why did she get a bus violation? I feel like I know the school rules, but she was defending herself. Kids were touching her," said Miller.

The young girl's mother went the school to sort things out with the principal, Kirk Freeman.

"He said that he looked at the footage, but didn't see anything," said Miller.

The mother told WREG that the principal later admitted that he did see her daughter being touched inappropriately, but she says he didn't want to kick the students off the bus.

"It really made me feel like he didn't care. I barely could sleep, because I was wondering if it could have been the other way around. Maybe they could have gone through her clothes. They could have actually raped her, and nobody would have cared," said Miller.

Miller says she doesn't want her daughter to ride the bus so she's looking for other modes of transportation.

"I would tell other parents watch what you do around your kids, because they`re doing it. They`re seeing what you're doing and they're taking it to school and doing it to other kids and its pitiful," said Miller.

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