Does It Work: The Window Wonderland

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With one quick look around the house, you can tell that Margarita and Mark Leblanc's favorite holiday is Christmas.

"It's just a good time of year. Friends, families, entertaining."

From nutcrackers and Santas to ornaments, the house is ready for the holidays.

But when it comes to decorating outside, the Leblancs said they tend to run out of time.

That's why they wanted to help us test the Window Wonderland. The product claims it can transform your windows into dazzling displays, but does it work?

The product came with a projector, tripod, adjustable window screen and sticky pads that hold the screen in place. Margarita and Mark decided to place the screen on their den window that faced their outdoor entertainment area. They didn't have to adjust the screen since it already fit the size of their window.

Once the sheet was secured to the window with the sticky pads provided, it was time to pick a place for the projector.

"I think it would be best if we put it on the stool over here."

Mark placed the projector on the stool and used an extension cord since the cord that comes with it is pretty short. The pair  then picked which of the built-in movies to use in the projector.

Mark turned the lights off and Christmas scenes projected right on the screen.

"You have to hit the button to change the scene each time," Mark noted.

It looked good from the inside, but what about from the outside?

"I like it from the outside. It looks really neat!"

"The kids will enjoy seeing different scenes, especially Santa like that."

Speakers were not included but if you have any laying around the house, there is audio for each scene.

"Wasy to plug in and plug out. We can move it in and out of the living room when we need it."

Window Wonderland, you passed the Does It Work test.


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