Billy Turner’s church members react to his arrest as suspect prepares for court appearance

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COLLIERVILLE, TN - We will begin to get our first glimpse at how 46-year-old Billy Turner is connected to Lorenzen Wright when Turner`s case starts in the courts, but in the Collierville Community Turner calls home, we are learning how he and Lorenzen loosely knew each other.

"The entire family, Lorenzen, went to our church. The kids went to our church. When they first moved over here my mom introduced them to church because they didn`t have a church home," says Keeanna Taylor, who is a member of the church Billy Turner attends.

She says Lorenzen, his then wife Sherra and their children attended the church too. Taylor's mom was the nanny to the children.

"Her connection to that family is she was the caregiver of the children. That`s all she was," said Taylor.

She says since Turner's arrest her mom's connection to the kids has put her mother in a frightening spotlight.

"She is being brutally vindicated with the person who she loves because she goes to church with him. That`s not her son," said Turner.

She says their only connection to Billy Turner is as a church member and they are as shocked as everyone that he has been connected with Lorenzen's murder.

"My mom is being threatened on social media and stuff like that and that is heartbreaking," said Turner.

Lorenzen's mom, Deborah Marion, wants to know more about Billy Turner too. She visited her son's grave Wednesday saying she wanted him to know things are happening in his case.

"He never was resting. I always felt he was uncomfortable but now. I had to take some flowers and balloons out there to let him know he can rest now. It has started. The killer is where he needs to be," said Marion.

Thursday, Dec. 7,  we may get an idea how Billy Turner will plea in this case. Church members tells us they will have a meeting about all of this Wednesday night at the Collierville church h Turner attends.

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