WREG dashcam captures bus with students on board run a red light

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- A bus carrying students on a field trip was caught on camera blowing a red light.

WREG cameras were rolling as the bus from First Assembly Christian School went through a downtown intersection Friday morning.

Around 9:30 Friday morning, a WREG photojournalist was on his way in to work.  He has a dash cam mounted on the front of his vehicle.

The video shows a bus approach the intersection of Vance and Second.

The brake lights briefly come on but the bus keeps going right through the red light.

WREG found the same bus, with First Assembly Christian School, written on the side parked at the National Civil Rights Museum.

We put in some calls to the private school out in Cordova.

Initially we were told the school didn’t have any buses and the buses used are part of a partnership with the church, their sister organization.

We did confirm 10 high school students were on the bus driven by a teacher.

The purpose of the field trip was to learn about the sanitation strike here in Memphis.

Besides that information the person we talked to with the school didn’t want to speak with us.

We asked multiple times for the opportunity to show a school official the video and get their side of the story but no one wanted to speak to us in person.

The school did tell us, however, they had been in contact with the driver.

First Assembly Christian School is a private school.

We asked parents if that’s a factor when it comes to holding drivers transporting children accountable.

"No it don’t matter. Not to me. They need to be careful. Safety first.," said one mother.