Memphis organization teaches students and parents about preventing bullying

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Bullying is claiming the lives of our children.

We posted a story about a 10-year-old in Colorado who killed herself after being bullied.

It's been shared thousands of times.

Ashawnty Davis was in the fifth grade.

Her parents said Ashawnty stood up to her alleged bully after school, and her classmate recorded it. They posted the video on an app called

Her parents said their little girl was devastated when she found out, and said they found her two weeks later. She hung herself in her closet.

Her story is now being talked about in the Mid-South.

"There are so many students in the schools going through the same situations. They are thinking about committing suicide," said Lashundra Robinson.

Robinson is the executive director of UCAN Memphis. An organization aiming to prevent bullying and tragedies like Ashawnty's

She started it after her brother killed himself four years ago when he was 27-years-old.

"He left me a note and said he was unhappy since middle school," she said.

Now, Robinson shares his story while speaking to elementary and middle school students about bullying and how to stop it.

She says almost 80 percent of students are bullied.

She also lets parents know the warning signs.

"Not eating, low self-esteem and they don`t want to go to school. They make excuses like their stomach hurts or something like that. Poo performance in grades," she said.

She also told parents to reach out to the school if they think there's a problem and schedule a meeting with the principal, teacher and counselor.

She said it's important parents stay involved in their child's life and always ask questions.

For more information about UCAN and if you have any questions about bullying, contact Robinson at or visit the website at