Fayette County man says neighbor’s bonfire burned boat after crossing fence

OAKLAND, Tenn. -- It's autumn in Fayette County, but relations between two neighbors in Oakland are already icy.

Bruce Berry said his neighbor started a bonfire early Wednesday morning which spread to Berry's property. It burned numerous items including Berry's boat.

"I went mmm hmm. Oh [expletive]," said Berry.

The Oakland Fire Department didn't return a phone call Friday afternoon, but their incident report supports Berry's claim.

"It could have burnt my house," said Berry.

"This ain't the first time he's done this," he added.

WREG tried to catch up with Berry's neighbor, but he left before we could.

Berry said he got a similar response when he confronted him about the fire.

WREG contacted the Fayette County Sheriff's Office to see if they were investigating the fire as a criminal act, but a phone call and email were never returned.

"I'm not trying to start anything. I just want him to man up and do what's right," said Berry.

In this case, Berry said that includes paying to replace the boat. Otherwise, their relationship could be in for a long, cold winter.