MLGW warns customers about utility scam

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - - A scam alert from MLGW tonight: watch out for fake utility workers trying to get inside your home.

An MLGW spokeswoman put out the alert and shared a post about it. The post claims fake workers knock on your door and claim there's "a gas leak and they need to inspect your home".

According to the post, you won't see an MLGW truck parked outside, and when you ask the fake workers where it is, they'll tell you it's parked around the corner.

The post says they're robbers. The woman describing the scam says it happened to a family friend in South Memphis.

Murdine Mills is prepared if the crooks show up at her door, but won't be surprised if other people fall for it.

"They want to be a good participant to the MLG and W. You know, keep their lights on and keep their household together. So, they wouldn't give it another thought," Mills says.

But Mills has a system.

"First, I would ask them to show me their proof, and when they show me their proof I would call MLG and W and ask them, you know, did they send anybody out here to this address to do anything," Mills says.

That's exactly what MLGW wants you to do: look for proper I.D. and, if you have to, call to verify the visit.

Tips to keep in mind if these crooks show up at your door.