Pass It On: Helping a teacher in need

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Teaching as a profession can be challenging enough, but struggling with a life threatening disease while facing the daily demands of the classroom makes it even harder.

This story begins in the classroom with Ms. Barber, who has been nominated as WREG's Educator of the Week.

The class of students at Richland Elementary School applaud their teacher for a well deserved honor.

Mrs. Barber is totally surprised by this educator of the week honor. We know that Mrs. Barber is a gifted educator, but we're also aware that she is a warrior.

She has fought a recent battle against cancer and won. How do we know this? Meet our play makers, Dana and her daughter, Annie.

"Mrs. Barber had a cancer scare last year. So many times I would come through the hallway and ask how she was doing.  She would always shoo it off. She never really wanted to talk about her - she always wanted to tell us how wonderful our kids were," said Dana.

Mrs. Barber had a tremendous impact on Annie.

"She gave to our future, not even knowing what hers held," said Annie."She taught us lessons, not only math and science, but she also taught me how to be kind."

Mrs. Barber is receiving $300 from News Channel 3, plus an additional $300 from our anonymous donor in Nesbit, MS. That brings the total to $600.

"Alright! Let's do it," said Annie.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom, we are wrapping up our Educator of the Week.

"Oh! Are you the one that nominated me," asked Mrs. Barber.

Mrs. Barber hasn't only been nominated as educator of the week - she has been chosen as this week's Pass It On recipient.

Mrs. Barber is overwhelmed.

"You've passed on a whole lot more than just the subjects you teach," said Annie.

This teacher has made her mark in the classroom, but most importantly she's made a mark in the hearts of her students.

When times were tough, she didn't give up.