Memphis Police investigating picture of what appears to be sleeping officer

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- An image snapped by a WREG viewer of what appears to be a Memphis Police officer snoozing is raising questions.

The viewer said the picture was taken October 25 at the Exxon Hop-Inn at Union and Cleveland.

WREG sent the picture to the Memphis Police Department Tuesday.

A spokesperson with the department said an investigation into the matter is underway.

WREG is not showing the face of the officer at this time.

Mike Williams, President of the Memphis Police Association weighed in.

"So you're at the front door of a Tiger Mart. I don't think that guy fell asleep intentionally if he was asleep. You understand what I'm sayin? That just says you're exhausted. "

The way Williams sees things it would be crazy to think the officer would purposely sleep at the front of a busy mini mart with so many people coming and going.

"I would think I was so exhausted at this particular time and I couldn't keep my eyes open," he said.

Williams says if the officer was sleeping it is a safety issue.

He doesn't condone his actions but also had a message.

"I also think it lends credence to these guys are tired. You know they're bone tired. A lot of citizens don't understand there are times when officers can't refuse not to work. You know you're drafted. You're held over because of the shortage. "

A little more than a week ago a MPD officer was photographed sleeping in his cruiser outside of the Liberty Bowl.

Memphis Police identified that officer as Laneeze Stepney.