Cancer survivor desperate to find dog he says was stolen

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- An East Memphis man is desperate after police say his dog was stolen, right in front of him.

The two-year-old Yorkshire terrier snatched from his yard, off a busy South Mendenhall.

With every vehicle that passes Warner Swett hopes drivers in the area pay attention to his signs.

He’s trying to find Cooper.

Police say the small dog was snatched from his yard Monday afternoon.

"I would say he is a complete therapy dog for me because I’ve almost had a stroke over it. My head is throbbing, I’ve been up all night on social media looking for him. He is my baby," said Swett.

Swett survived a car crash and beat cancer. Now  his new mission is to find his two-year-old Yorkie Cooper, also known as Mr. P.

He walked us through what he saw. "He took him from this dog gate right here," he said.

Swett was sitting in his office when he saw a man in a blue hoodie grab Cooper.

The man took off across his front yard, Swett ran out of his house.

"I yelled to him, he said you won’t get him back for more than a $1,000!”

Swett offered the money but it was too late. The accused thief was gone.

Here’s where things get strange.

Swett believes Cooper bit the dog napper causing  the man to drop him in the road.

A witness he talked to believes she saw three teenager girls pick up Cooper in the road and take off with him. However it’s unclear if the teens were with the man he saw steal him.

"This is strange. You have to really want something to come back this far.”

While there are many questions, Swett has this warning.

"Watch your pets because they will take your pets.”

Swett is offering a $500 reward.

If you have any information call Memphis Police or Crime Stoppers.