Germantown mom opens up home to those without family on Thanksgiving

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A Germantown mom received a lot of praise this Thanksgiving for posting a welcoming message on social media.

Janet Rast posted in a group on Facebook that her home was open with plenty of food if someone doesn’t have family in town or any family to share Thanksgiving dinner with.

She received a lot of comments and hundreds of likes from people complimenting her generosity.

We spoke with her on Thursday and she said she’s spent Thanksgiving by herself before in the past and knows the holidays aren’t always a cheerful time for everyone.

“It’s either the happiest time of year or the saddest time of year, and there’s people out there who may be alone and the kids may be at the other parent’s house and they’re alone, or they may be recently widowed, but there’s always a place to go. There should be a place to go,” said Rast.

She said she hopes her message encourages others to also do something kind during the holidays.