Father tries to find estranged son before it’s too late

COLDWATER, Miss. — Seventy-four-year-old Allen Thomas wants nothing more for the holidays than to see his son again.

"It's important to me to try to find him," said Thomas, who says his health is failing because of a recent accident.

Several years ago Thomas and his son, 50-year-old Robert Thomas, had a huge argument. He says his son started hanging out with the wrong crowd, got on drugs and even became violent with his mother.

"He would come in and clean up and steal what he could steal to get more drugs," Barbara Thomas said.

Thomas says things got so violent between his son and his wife that he was forced to make one of the toughest decisions in his life.

"When he raised his hand to his mommy, I couldn't take any more of it," Allen Thomas said. "I told him that he could come visit, but he couldn't stay there anymore."

Thomas says his son packed his things and moved out, and he hasn't seen him in almost 15 years.

"I love my son, I love all of my kids, but she is number one for me."

Several weeks ago Thomas and his wife were seriously injured on their small Coldwater, Mississippi farm.

Thomas says his injuries were so severe that it forced him to realize that it's time to find his son and make peace. He says with his health failing, he just wants to know if son is alive and well before he leaves this world.

"I don't feel that I have much time left. And I would like to know one way or another.

"I still love him, I just want to know where he's at."

If you know how to help Allen Thomas find his son, give him a call at (662) 292-4928.