Watercooler Wednesday

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It's Watercooler Wednesday.

Bev Johnson from WDIA radio, Myron Mays from the "What's Happening Myron Radio Show" and WREG's Todd Demers talked about some of the hot topics of the week including the recent war of words between President Donald Trump and basketball dad Lavar Ball.

President Trump took to Twitter writing that it was just him, and not anyone else, who got Lavar's son out of China after he was arrested for shoplifting. He ended by calling Lavar an "ungrateful fool!"

Will the battle ever end?

There's a debate over bumper stickers in Texas where a woman claims she was pulled over because of an profane sticker slamming President Trump and anyone who voted for him.

The sheriff where she lives says she was arrested for an outstanding warrant for fraud.

She now has a new sticker on her truck that says the same profane thing about the sheriff and those who voted for him.

That sheriff says the display is a sign of a bigger "moral decline" in our country.

Do they agree?

Inmates at an Oklahoma jail will soon have access to new tablet computers that will allow them to play games, order things, take education courses and access a law library. They will get to use them for 15 minutes at a time or they can pay for longer use.


Finally, the internet is blowing up over a possible new Thanksgiving trend where your guests pay a fee to eat. The money would supposedly help cover the cost of making the big meal which can get expensive.

Is this a fair practice or a no-no?

Find out what our panel had to say on Watercooler Wednesday.

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