Memphis police prepare to increase mall security during holiday season

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This afternoon police tell us they're working to ramp up security at Memphis malls like Oak Court Mall and Wolfchase Galleria after seeing the video of four men brandishing guns in Oak Court Mall.

"Anytime anyone is willing to brandish a weapon, we take that seriously," said Col. D. L. Sheffield with the Memphis Police Department.

Officer Sheffield says that police are trying to track down the teens in that video as we speak.

"This was all on Facebook Live this past Saturday," said Col. D. L. Sheffield. "How many people who saw it could have called us and said they have guns? We could have done something on Saturday."

This comes as police amp up security just in time for the holidays.

"During the holidays we do have an increased presence, and we will have both marked cars and other means to track that. We work hand in hand with the mall," said Col. D. L. Sheffield.

Thieves target shoppers every year, but Col. D. L. Sheffield believes that increased security can have an impact. "These thefts can be prevented. Most of these thefts can be prevented."

Even with added security - Memphis police say shoppers should also do their part to keep thieves from stealing. "They walk by it and see it, and it only takes a couple of seconds to pop the lock."

We've all heard stow it down, don't show it, and that's especially important if you're doing a lot of shopping.

Put things in your trunk and out of sight. That's because thieves see jut about anything as temptation.

"We had somebody at the gym leave their gym clothes in a gym bag, and the old stinky gym bag got stolen," said Col. D. L. Sheffield.

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