Memphis mulls allowing open alcohol containers on Main Street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Legally drinking booze along Main Street? Memphis City Council members discussed the idea.

It would allow people to drink and carry alcohol in open plastic containers.

Councilman Martavius Jones proposed the idea at a committee meeting on Tuesday.

He said he got the idea when he took a trip to New Orleans with the Beale Street Bucks Task Force.

He said an open container policy would attract more people downtown and help economic development.

"I want to see Trolley Night pretty much more nights than just last Friday. That's the spirit," said Jones.

Right now, Beale Street is the only spot that allows open containers.

The mayor's team was there for the discussion too and said it's important to get feedback from the Downtown Memphis Commission, police, restaurants and the public.

The open container district would stretch from Crump to A.W. Willis. It would pass Mark Parsell's business in South Main.

"We would all like to see more people roaming around within reason. You don't want people getting in trouble. There's got to be a give and take. You're going to have to answer people who want to know how you're going to control that," said Parsell.

On top of feedback, the proposal would have to be read in front of the council three times, because it would change a current ordinance.

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