Man says package thieves are targeting his neighborhood by following delivery trucks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man in Parkway Village believes package thieves are targeting his neighborhood by following delivery trucks. He caught three people on camera stealing packages right off his front porch.

His name is Tony Martin. The incident happened Friday night.

In the video, you see a FedEx driver dropping off packages as a group of young men walk by. He leaves, and seconds later, the boxes are taken by three thieves who run off.

"Kids being stupid. That's all I can think," Martin says.

Roughly $600 worth of parts were taken. A neighbor found some of them dumped around the corner the next day.

"Didn't have what they wanted in it. Didn't have actually items that they could take and go pawn or steal like a cellphone or something from Amazon they thought they could get. Who knows?" Martin says.

Martin believes the same group stole packages from his neighbors exactly the same way.

"They were following the truck. So, people in this neighborhood don't even know they got their packages missing yet," Martin says.

Clyde Reid, who lives next door to Martin, came home for lunch today to secure a package that had been dropped off.

"They may come back through the neighborhood and steal some more packages," Reid says.

After Friday's incident, Martin put up a sign warning thieves that they're on camera. He also put an orange box on the porch, with instructions for delivery drivers to put packages inside. He figures packages are better off in that box than sitting in plain sight. He hopes delivery drivers play along.

"I'm hoping they will. I'm going to video them if they don't. I'll be posting that on the YouTube," Martin says.

Martin says he shared his video with police in hopes of catching the thieves.