Police recover 40 lbs. of marijuana from Southeast Memphis home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police said they recovered 40 lbs. of marijuana from a Southeast Memphis home Wednesday.

They arrested Melvin Tamayo, 44, and charged him with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding and driving without a license.
“I don’t know nothing about that, so”

Memphis police said they got information that led them to believe Tamayo was storing and selling marijuana at a home on Buttermilk Drive.

They set up surveillance and watched him take two duffel bags out of the house and put them in the back of a silver Ford F-150 truck.

Cops then said they pulled that truck over and K9 dogs found 10 lbs. of marijuana. At that point, they said the suspect admitted to having 40 more lbs. of weed in the house.

Police said when dogs searched the home, they found drugs and paraphernalia all over the place, including in four suitcases in the living room and in bags in the bedroom closet, dresser and kitchen cabinet.

Police also found nearly $4,000 in cash: 115 $20 bills, 126 $10 bills and 80 $5 bills.

Charles Sanders said he moved to the neighborhood from Parkway Village to get away from crime, but he said this latest episode didn't bother him.

“I moved up here for peace and quiet," he said.

No one answered the door when WREG knocked. But later, a silver F-150 pulled up, dropped a child off and sped away. They made it clear WREG was not welcome by flashing a middle finger out the window.

Tamayo is in jail on a $250,000 bond. Criminal records showed his official address listed is on East Alston Street in South Memphis.