Community members want answers over recent murders

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Customers walk into Terry Beasley's business to get dirty clothes clean but on Saturday those same people found themselves just feet away from a crime scene which claimed the life of one man.

"There's a better police presence so it's gone down this is not the usual for us," Terry Beasley, business owner, said.

Beasley says since patrol picked up in the area seeing dozens of investigators and flashing red and blue lights is not what he's used to, but he's curious as to what played out in front of the auto body shop on Jackson just after 5, and how the gunplay ended in murder.

"Prayers out to anyone who got hurt," Beasley said.

Across the way in Magnolia, another man lost his life to gun violence on East Person.

That happened just before 1 and police say the suspect sped away driving a blue Impala with a broken tail light.

"It's disturbing. It's disturbing because it's too close to home," a local resident, who didn't want tell us her name, said.

A woman says the violence cuts deep.

"It's real quiet. Everyone knows each other. It's never too much coming on like shooting around over here. You don't hear things like that," She said.

For those living near the crime scenes, questions are swirling.

"I just saw the yellow tape. I thought it was at the junk yard at first. I didn't really know," Michael Taylor, a Magnolia resident, said.

"I think what happened was someone got killed because they taped it off."

As investigators dig for answers, these neighbors are left with questions that may not be answered right away.