Survey: American’s holiday spending spurs marital strife

Courtesy of CBS News

NEW YORK — Oh the joy of holiday shopping — that is unless you have a big spender for a spouse.

A new survey by Affirm, a company that offers financing for purchases, found that marriages can be seriously rocked by holiday spending.

In fact, six out of 10 Americans said their holiday spending spurs marital and familial strife.

“I think that’s true, it does cause some strife but I just don’t tell my husband what I spend,” said one woman. “I have my own credit card, I pay it off and he doesn’t even know.”

“I agree, because one person always wants to spend a little bit more than the other,” said Michael Flores when told of the survey results. “Nowadays you gotta budget. Especially with gas going up.”

Alex Ceja agreed, saying budgeting and working together makes the holiday season just a little less stressful.

“For us it’s been opposite, we’ve united. We actually hired a babysitter…date night shopping for the kids.”

The survey also discovered about one in three Americans are worried about how they will be able to cover holiday spending.

Some shoppers offered up suggestions that has helped them over the years.

“I start shopping around July so I have enough money to give away,” said Shirley Clever.

“We know ahead of time what I’m gonna spend, we’ve already discussed it. It works out great,” said another shopper, Elenore Hull.

Not a bad way to keep the spirit of the holidays alive.