Izak the dog on the mend, looking for forever home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The little dog whose story tugged at people's heart strings after being found barely alive is now back on the road to recovery.

Izak, an adorable Shitzu mix with a ton of personality, is now full of life and getting ready to find his forever home.

About two months ago, a good Samaritan contacted the Shelby County Sheriff's Office after spotting Izak on the side of the road.

That person's actions just might've saved his life, said Audrey Chaney, the Humane Society's PR and marketing specialist.

"There's a very good chance he wouldn't have lived because he was without food or water, his hair was extremely overgrown and his body temperature was going up."

His fur was so matted it had to be shaved off, revealing a gruesome wound that had maggots inside.

"His toenails were so overgrown he was actually trying to walk on the top of his feet, and unfortunately he had a large wound underneath one of his front legs once we removed all that fur so some of the skin started coming off as well."

But through it all, Izak continued to be a happy little dog who loved being around anyone who would stop and give him a bit of love.

For more information on adoptable pets at the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County, click here.

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