Customer issues warning after driver attempts to steal package

Courtesy of CBS Newspath

SACRAMENTO, Ca. — An avid Amazon shopper, Tony has packages delivered to his California home often, but what he saw a few nights ago has him very concerned.

“He was just taking the package.”

A deliveryman was caught on camera as he tried to make away with the purchased goods.

“Walks up to the car half way.”

Tony and his family watched their surveillance camera monitor from their living room as the driver pulled up. The deliveryman walked the package halfway up the driveway and snapped a photo — a requirement by Amazon to confirm the package was in fact dropped off.

Instead of putting the box down, this man carried it back to his car.

“They’re just taking them instead for themselves,” Tony said.

His mom walked outside as the driver was leaving and caught his attention. He stopped and walked the package up to her.

“He said ‘sorry for taking your package.'”

The man was an independent, contracted Flex driver – a new kind of employee hired by Amazon to deliver packages.

Amazon allows Flex drivers to work in everyday clothing and drive their own cars.

Amazon released a statement saying, “We have high standards for our delivery partners and take feedback seriously. We are looking into the matter and will continue to work directly with customers on matters related to their package delivery.”

With the holidays approaching, Tony said he’ll pay more attention to who’s dropping off his packages and hopes Amazon will take action against the driver he says tried to steal his.