Cordova church hosts Thanksgiving dinner open to all faiths

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Anmol Khan is serving more than turkey and mashed potatoes tonight at the joint Thanksgiving dinner with her Memphis Islamic Center and nearby Heartsong Church.

"We've been doing this, I don`t know how many years now," said Khan "It's just been a great event to get together, break bread and hug each other."

In fact, it's the seventh year the church has hosted its Muslim neighbors.

Heartsong Member, Mark Sharpe admits that he wasn't always on board with the event.

"I was gonna leave the church. I went to pastor, and he told me to read the gospels," said Sharpe.

"I realized it was me. I had the problem."

He says he turned hate in to love, and he thinks he can show others the same way.

Sharpe says he doesn't pay attention to divisive speech and politics, because it's not the way he lives his life.

"Love your neighbor, and you can't choose your neighbors. They're everywhere. That's a great thing now. I see that,' said Sharpe.

"Everyone here tonight has a better understanding, has an open heart and definitely appreciates and loves other people from different faiths and backgrounds,' said Sharpe.

"It went undercover for a while, and now its head is rising again. We as a people have to address that and make the difference," said Thelma Lucas.

The people here say every year this event makes their hearts full but there's also something else full - their stomachs!

"Mashed potatoes, the gravy and the barbeque sauce is the best," said Lucas. "I'm learning at my age and I hope they`re learning something from me!"

Best of all, they say the dinner leaves a good taste in their mouth year round.

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