Survey: Employees spend more than an hour on personal tasks, social media

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NEW YORK — Just because someone is at work doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always working.

A recent survey found that while technology and being connected can make our jobs easier, smartphones can also keep us from doing our jobs.

“So you see everyone on their phone, like Instagram, you know check and see if anyone liked your pictures,” said Helen Johnstone.

In a survey from Office Team,  employees admitted to spending one hour and 36 minutes a day doing personal tasks at work. Almost an hour of that is on a smartphone.

“I think it’s absolutely true,” said working mom, Jodi Kuchinsky.


“I do it myself. I don’t have time to do anything during the week because I’m at work. I leave my house at 7 in the morning and I don’t get home until almost 7 o’clock. So I have to do my personal things at work.”

“I don’t do it personally but most of my work colleagues do,” added Johnstone.

“So you don’t do it?”

“Well not all the time, sometimes.”

“For just a couple of minutes a day, or maybe a couple of hours depends on the day,” admitted Holly Parker.

Office Team’s Richard Deosingh said millennials are the biggest offenders, racking up 70 minutes a day on the phone.

“They are big on social media and they are always connected so that second nature move of looking at their phone is constant,” he said.

Some businesses block social media and shopping websites on company computers, but that doesn’t stop employees. Half of the people surveyed said they use their phones to access those blocked sites.

On average, employees said they spend an average of 54 minutes a day on their phone at work.However, managers surveyed thought employees only spent 39 minutes on their devices.


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