Youth football coach can’t believe his 10-year-old player was shot and killed

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 10-year-old boy who had dreams of playing quarterback for his youth football team is the latest victim of gun violence in Memphis.

Family members said Richard Jordan was shot and killed when someone shot at the car he was in.

His 12-year-old teammate and another adult were also shot Monday evening on Airways near Ketchum.

As soon as the ambulance pulled away, Coach Alan Thornton said he got a call about Richard.

"What is the world coming to? An innocent kid, 10 years old, didn't even get a chance to live his life," he said. "When is it going to stop? There's too many innocent kids. Their lives just getting taken for no reason. Crazy."

Thornton said he grew up with Richard's mom and family, and a few years ago, Richard joined the Memphis Gators.

He played center but dreamed of playing quarterback.

"He wanted to play quarterback. He called me and told me he was coming back, and that's the position he wanted to play," he said. "A good kid. A loving kid. Shared a lot. Wanted to help."

Thornton said the team is devastated. His coaches and teammates are unable to grasp what happened.

Thornton has this message for the shooter: "You missed. You took a kid's life. I wish you would just turn yourself in."