Vigil held for 10-year-old boy killed in drive-by shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Family and friends held a vigil for the 10-year-old boy who was killed in a drive-by shooting Monday evening.

Many people were overwhelmed with emotion during the vigil that was held at the Riverview Community Center in South Memphis for Richard Jordan.

His life was cut short after shots were fired at a car that he was in at the intersection of Ketchum Road and Airways Boulevard.

Richard Jordan's sister, Dijonnaise, cried as she spoke about the pain of missing her brother.

"I just want you to come back and come back home to me, " said Dijonnaise. "You meant so much to me and I don't know what I will do without you."
dijonnaise Jordan Richard's sister

Family friend Barbara Morgan says that something has to be done about the gun violence.

"Put them guns down mane," said Morgan. "Y'all killing kids now."

"For this to happen to a 10-year-old child - it should never happen," said Robert Holmes, friend of Richard Jordan's family. "I just want to stop because I hate seeing these kids dying like this."

Anger and frustration could be felt as loved one's spoke about the gun violence that is taking place in Memphis.

Jordan's father also spoke at the vigil.

"I just want justice for my son," said Jordan's father, Richard Jordan Sr. "I just want y'all to catch the killer."

An entire community came together to remember Jordan, who is known for his charm and warm smile.

"Richard was always smiling," said Jordan Sr., "There wasn't a day where I saw this little boy and he wasn't smiling."

That's exactly what Jordan's teammates of the Memphis Gators said during the vigil. Jordan always put a smile on everyone' face.